At Ram Refrigeration & A/C, Inc. we do a lot.  We are experts in commercial refrigeration.  There is none better at air conditioning service - both commercial and residential.  And, we are among the leading experts in the Las Vegas area in the field of Home Performance and High Efficiency HVAC Systems.  If it gets hot, cold, wet, or moves air you can depend on Ram Air for solutions.


Air Conditioning



We specialize in all aspects of commercial refrigeration - ice makers; walk-ins; drink systems; soft serve ice cream equipment; refrigerators; freezers; food service and cooking equipment; water and air filtration; display lighting; back-flow prevention; stainless steel fabrication; transport refrigeration; and more.

We design, install, service, and maintain both commercial and residential air conditioning systems of all types and sizes including geothermal; mini-splits; high velocity systems; heat pumps; packaged gas units; split systems; solar sytems; hydronic systems; radiant heating systems; evaporative coolers; water source heat pumps.

We do many kinds of piping from refrigeration piping using copper tubing, to gas piping using both black iron and flexible "trac pipe", to PVC and ABS piping for recirculating systems, to condensate drains and water supply lines for the equipment we install - including water heaters and boilers.

We do all our own electrical work from the load side of the breaker that powers the equipment we sell and service including disconnects, switches, and control wiring.

Sheet Metal

Kitchen Hoods

Air Balancing

Performance Testing​

We haven't found it cost effective to operate our own metal fabrication shop.  We sub-contract the fabrication to others.  But, we maintain quality standards and control the design phase to our precise specifications.  

We provide and install kitchen hoods and make-up air including grease ducts and fire wrap.  We do our own air balancing on our hoods.

We are certified by National Balancing Council to do residential and light commercial air balancing. We have the technical know-how and the tools and equipment to measure and adjust air flow to meet design specifications.  Plus, we use our expertise to troubleshoot and correct air flow problems in both commercial and residential systems.

We are trained and certified by Building Performance Institute as Building Performance Analysts.  As such we are capable of assessing the impact that building systems and components such as lighting, appliances, ventilation, insulation, windows, and weather stripping have on air conditioing loads.  We use thermal imaging to locate hot spots and trouble areas.

"If you don't measure, you're just guessing"